Pronto contemporary

The Wilton Range

For true shaker lovers, the Wilton range offers a 5-piece construction in 9 stunning colours with 1-piece drawer fronts. The frames are 120mm width and the door is 22mm thick.

The popular Wilton Oakgrain Cream can afford a contemporary or traditional theme depending on your preferred style and by choosing accessories to alter the mood.

Wilton Oakgrain Azure Blue. Combine it with another colour to bring out the contemporary feel. We have this displayed in our showroom with Wilton Oakgrain Grey wall cabinets and Azure Blue base cabinets. It gets lots of admiring looks. 

A very stylish Wilton Oakgrain Grey. Probably the most popular door last year.

Wilton Oakgrain Dakkar with Oakgrain Cream combination makes a lovely contemporary style of kitchen.

Wilton Oakgrain Mussel. A perfect family kitchen style whether a large or small space available. 

Wilton Oakgrain Dust Grey. Combine with Light Grey to bring this bespoke kitchen into the contemporary scene.

Wilton Oakgrain Graphite creates a stunning kitchen despite its darker colour.

Wilton Oakgrain Cashmere combines nicely with a contrasting darker colour. In this example it is dust grey.

Wilton Oakgrain White is always a favourite and looks good in any environment. Make it contemporary or even traditional with the right dressing.

Wilton Oakgrain Navy and Oakgrain Dust grey